Baron Larenz Von Schwarz III

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Baron Larenz Von Schwarz III

Baron Larenz Von Schwarz III
Character List
Name; Baron Larenz Von Schwarz III
Nicknames; The Laughing Lord, The Wealthy Ward, The Baron of Business, Titan of Typhon, The Bastard of Black Rock, and more every year.
Age; Appears in his mid to late 50s, but is MUCH older
Gender; Male
Species; Human
Magic? (Y/N); Uses magic items, but not inherently magical.
Home Country; Lalan'ay
Sexual Orientation; Omni (younger) Ace (elder)

What does the Character look like?;
Younger: Athletic and toned, clean cut/scruffy depending on the needs of the adventure. 5' 9" 150 lbs, deep blue eyes, well groomed brown hair. Equipped with proper adventuring attire and formal attire for royal engagements.
Older: Gaunt and Lanky, but holds an air of formality and discipline. More formal attire, as he runs the business more than going on adventures himself. Gray, swept back hair, Cleanly trimmed beard, gray/blue eyes, and slight scarring on his face. Always keeps a glove over his right hand to hide the fact that it is a fake magic steel hand.

Adventuring, Meeting new people and experiences, teaching and sharing knowledge of ancient lore and artifacts, acquiring magic items to study, and making mutually beneficial business arrangements. Drinks: Red Wine and hard liquor. Food: anything the locals eat.

The arrogance of others, Cultists, Spiders, White wine (WHY EVEN BOTHER IT'S JUST GRAPE WATER!!!), Boring royal parties and the same food they always serve there, and routine.

Vast knowledge of foreign customs, languages, and history. Can learn about magic items and spells from his library. EXTREMELY wealthy (Spare NO expense, and means it) highly connected with both legitimate and illegitimate business partners. Experienced brawler and duelist, capable of using most sword fighting styles. Older Larenz has a steel right hand which allows him extended durability with that hand, and uses a sword cane for personal defense. Has expanded life due to exposure to magical artifacts.

A mortal human with average strength. Cannot use magic himself, so is limited to whatever artifacts he brought with him. His right hand is controlled by an amulet around his neck, so by losing the amulet, he risks having his hand also be a detriment.

Becoming an ignorant follower, Stagnation in life, Eternal Damnation for a crime he did not commit.

His hand was lost while comforting his dying wife, Lenore, who was afflicted by a curse from a jealous lover. It infected it upon touching her hand and he was forced to remove it himself in order to prevent it from spreading. He also banished his father into a realm of eternal strife after he attempted to sacrifice his mother to a cult which was trying to create a demon. Keeps a secret, seemingly endless maze of unlabeled crates containing the worlds' most dangerous relics in order to keep them away from malevolent beings.

What are they like?;
As a young man, he was an adventure seeker who always saw the best in people, lead by example, and threw his own safety to the wind in order to help others and spread knowledge.
In his elder years, he is reserved, thoughtful, incredulous of those wanting to make business propositions to him, and would rather issue jobs and quests to would be adventurers as opposed to partaking in them himself. He is still bent on the preservation and spread of knowledge, but has learned how to contribute from a less vulnerable position.

Born and Raised in Black Rock Manor in Lalan'ay. Spent his early adult years traveling the world and working with a variety of adventurers, and collecting relics from all over the world. Had relations with many people from many races, only married once for the sake of his heritage, but was able to find someone who adored the thrill of adventure and discovery as much as he. when she died from a curse, it made him change the way he went about doing the work he had devoted his life to. He has worked with Shayd and the assassins' guild for security and hires out the Joke Gang to help control certain trade routes.

Anything else you'd like to add;
I'm leaving his story pretty open ended with a Younger and Older version, in case older characters want to have an adventure with him in their younger years.