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New 52 - The Origin


There's no such thing as demons.  He had said.
You are just a sociopath!  He had said.
You don't belong here.  He had said.
Laying on the floor of the stone utility closet, Xala stared at the ceiling.  It was pitch black, but she could see.  Everything.  Colors she had no name for.  Sounds with visible shapes.  Visions of souls from the past that she felt maybe she should have known from somewhere, who ran in fear when they saw her face.  
Do I even have a face?  She thought.  Her hands smeared down her brow and nose, filling her senses with rich, wet copper.  Xala was flying high on a 2-day old kill.  She brought the wretched boy into the utility closet in the cellar to keep his body away from the bugs.  To keep for a bit.  She had fed on his anguish till his soul gave out, then fed on his body.  It was a sensation she had never felt before, yet knew she was meant to.  She was never allowed to experience a kill--not a real one.  It was "too dangerous", or whatever.  Just pull the job and "be done with it".  It felt....incredible.  This boy was mean to her, no one would miss him.  So why did it matter?  There were plenty of young boys to distract the masters.  Deserters happened all the time with the youngsters, so one missing person was hardly an issue.  Besides, if her masters really believed in her, why would they want to keep her away from her most basic and natural survival instinct?  That's so cruel.  The other kids were given rewards upon a job well done, why not her?
Xala's fingers slid into her mouth and she sucked on the flesh, gnawing slightly on her own joints to get every bit.  The stone under her was damp from the recent humidity and cold to the touch.  She rolled her head lazily to her left, seeing the still intact body by the wall.  Xala was pleased with her smart thinking.  Though she had wanted to make a mess, she only dismembered small areas, in case she had to make a quick cleanup.  Besides, it allowed for more sensation to preserve the various body parts to be torn when she needed the reward.  It was like giving her a present every other hour.  
"You shouldn't have been such an asshole, Sam.  You'd still be alive...maybe" she whispered with a slight giggle.


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The high of the kill... It was different for him. He'd always known it was, and why. His vampiric predisposition had always had a hold on his feelings when dealing with death and murder. Always for a higher purpose, always for a reason. He was using his monstrous abilities to better the world… or perhaps the one with the higher coin. He was an Assassin, not a philosophizer. The point was that he killed so that he wouldn’t kill the wrong person. It was a balance.
His last target was set a few countries over, so he’d been gone from the training grounds for a few months now. He had missed the youngling’s initiate ceremony, but he knew who he’d have placed under his care. The child he had rescued those few years ago.
He smiled under his hood, his horse pressed against his side. He’d just arrived to the training facility in Kolshtak. The main place where the Assassins were born, and forged. His new apprentice was here as well. They would spend a year here, training her with much more vigor before taking her back to his manor to live as his ward. He would sculpt the urges only he knew and controlled. Would create something that would otherwise only have destroyed.
Tying off his horse at the stable he frowned. The boy that was meant to tether the horse was no where to be found. His frown deepened as he reached across and grabbed the water bucket, walking across the yard to the well and scooping the water he needed. The boy was probably off having a piss somewhere… He leaves for a few months and things get lenient. “Typical,” he growled, dumping the water in the trough next to the horse. With a pat, he made his way to the HQ door.
A young boy opened the door, as he came up, showing his sigil to prove his loyalties. The boy bowed his head, waving Shayd through the door. Shayd didn’t even need the door fully opened before he slammed it open, scaring the boy. “He slid the hood off his head in a swift motion, his eyes glowing amber in the semi darkness.
“Boy. Stay here. We have an intruder, wake the others.”
He swept out of the room, his hand on his knife on his wrist, the prayer of death dealing.
He snuck around the edge of the door that smelled so strongly of that stuff that Shayd craved in his darkest of thoughts. Blood.
He pressed the door open, blade at the ready, and saw the puddle under the door.
Without another hesitation, he grabbed the door handle and ripped it open.


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Swimming in the sea of ecstasy, she barely had time to react to the distant sounds of hurried foot steps. As the door flew open, Xala sat straight up, shielding her eyes from the incoming torch light. As they focused, her heart dropped. Shit...literally the worst person to find her. She wasn't expecting him to return for at least a few more days, or maybe even a week. She would have cleaned up everything and no one would be the wiser, and he would not have known. Coulda...woulda...shoulda.
"Master. Please. Please....understand." She knew he could, but would he? The high of the blood was crashing with the rush of adrenaline. Xala looked all around her before reaching a slick and glistening arm forward gently, "Join me?"


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Shayd's eyes flicked to her meal and back to her, once... twice... once more... His fangs were out, hidden under his mask. He tilted his head forward slightly, his hair obscuring his face. "Xala... You have desecrated the tenants of our order, defiled your teachings and dishonored your masters." He slid the knife back into his wrist pocket, reaching instead for the broad sword on his hip. "Your inner monster has devoured your soul, and consumed your humanity. You have been lost to your darkness. It falls to me as your master to cleanse your sins."
He looked up, his blade completely unsheathed, his brow furrowed.
"You are a disappointment."
He slammed the blade into the ground, staring at her with piercing eyes.
Behind the blood, he could see her... The girl he saved, the girl he trained. This was his responsibility, but... She was everything he could have easily become. He hesitated, and closed his eyes.
"10... 9...8..." He was going to kill her... But she would have her chance at survival. however small. Even if she somehow evaded him, she'd still have the guild after her for the rest of her life... Which would be short.


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As the words spilled from his lips, Xala had to re-think them twice before comprehension. Was this really happening? "Master..."
She pulled herself to her feet and swayed a little at the blood rush to her brain. She was confused, angry, sad, but mostly afraid. As he started his countdown she realized what was happening and her instincts struggled to pull her to safety. She knew about the tunnel from the cellar to the cistern. It wasn't ideal but it would cover her scent and she could slip away unnoticed. Xala ducked her head a little as she passed him, in shame...fear...before stopping for a moment. The words fell from her mouth like a spilled decanter.
"I am not lost to my darkness. It rescued me." She narrowed her eyes slightly, "Like you did."
With that, she swiftly descended into the lower cellar floor, which beckoned her escape.


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