Ani " Insidius Animus"

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Ani " Insidius Animus"
Name: Insidias Animas (essentiall, the Trapper of Souls)
``Nicknames;; Ani
``Age;; 350 approx, appearing in her late 20s
``Gender;; gender neutral but prefers to be and associate herself as female
``Species;; Daeva, a false god, a demon. Governing creature is a sphynx cat
``Magic? (Y/N);; Yes
``Home Country;; Hell, but first got her start in the Crimera region
``Sexual Orientation;; none. or all. or who cares
Ani is a tall (5'9") and formidable figure but often wears a soft, non-threatening face to balance it out.  Her skin is an olive tone with champagne colored hair that falls in gentle waves past her upper back.  Emerald eyes shine among her young, but striking cheekbones and jaw.  She shows herself as the image of youthfulness and maturity, strength and kindness.  
She wears an iron emblem around her neck that resembles her religion.  Adorned in simple decorations, she carefully measures her appearance and the information or image she gives off by her attire.  A plain olive colored gown blanketed by a burgandy hooded cloak (with a fancy lining of course) is her go-to "outfit" as she finds the colors give off a royal vibe, while their intensity provide a contrasting "people-person" aura.
``Likes;;  candy, people in need, plants, experiments, cause and effect, people-watching, cats, religiously devout people (she sees these as a challenge)
``Dislikes;; dogs, horses, children, alcohol, other demons--especially other daeva, being touched, places of worship, money
``Strengths;;  VERY charismatic, a great alchemist, first aid and doctoring, agriculture, has a green thumb, magic of resurrection for small animals and plants (working on the human thing, if only she could get that one in the bag)
``Weaknessess;;  Dogs and horses can see her true form, very drunk people who are alone or in a dark place can see her true form, kitties!, holy water, holy magic, very bright light
``Fears;;  Being found out, being killed by another Daeva, being revealed in a public place somehow, dogs, being seen, becoming too famous, not becoming famous enough
``Personality;; Ani is a Daeva, which is a demon that poses as a God.  So naturally, she is deceptive, charming, and a bit of a hypocrit.  Well, actually, quite a bit of a hypocrit.  She hates being lied to and yet that's all she does.  If her goal in life weren't to own souls, she would have made an award winning actress.  Quick to change her behavior when necessary, she reacts more than acts to anything.  She seeks the lonely or troubled in order to "help" them in exchange for their love and devotion.  A very calculating person, she weighs outcomes of her actions and the actions of others around her against her need for success.  If you twitch, she sees it.  If you breathe out of your left nostril rather than your right, she can tell and does what she can to interact.
``History:  Ani travels the countryside, and sometimes ventures into the cities, to do her bidding.  Though she only manifested a few centuries ago, she finds her new arrival to be an advantage.  Few enough know her name to know to avoid her and yet too few know her name enough to call upon her in their time of need.  A master of poisons and remedies alike, Ani developed her skills as an alchemist and a healer to provide miraculous proof of her gloriousness to believers or non-believers.  Ani is also a cold-hearted business woman deep down inside.  Ani hates other Daeva but has only met one other.  Because of her youth and inabilities, she backed down and left "his" territory, swearing to return one day.  But that would be a long time from now.  For every soul she "owns" she gains power.  She has focused on the magic of healing and life as she has found that hope is stronger than fear.  Rather than prove her strength by setting a house on fire, she merely brings a dead plant to life and her prey is on their knees before her.  Posing as a good witch to outsiders she only reveals her godliness to those in need.  She does not collect souls until a person dies, she only requires a sacrifice of some kind in her name once per year.  Each time a human ends the life of another creature for her glory, it solidifies their love that much more.  The moment a believer betrays her, his or her life ends and the soul is collected.  Ani has never had a "forgiveness" clause in her mental contract.  Once it's signed, it is signed and if it is breached then oh well.
Her true form:  A horned and nude version of her human form, the skin covered in ornate etching and burns made to look like inkless tattoos, large black eyes with green pupils, long whip like tail, and a large mouth with bright white teeth, and long arms and legs that end in cat-like feet and claws.