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Names: Skoll, "uglyelf"

Base Description: Largely human/elf in appearance with occasional minor nods to their Orcish or Elvish ancestry: ashen or grayish tones to skin, horns or spikes on arms, face, head, back, etc., large and slightly pointed ears, big teeth, strong physique, and a slight rumbling or growling sound in their words. All Skoll have beast-like feet with thick flexible pads on the bottom and claws. They cannot grow body hair except for the tops of their heads, though it is most common to find males shaved or bald. They are usually 5'10" and taller.Variations: Some Skoll favor Elf or Orc appearance depending on ancestry and region of habitation. Orcish Skoll reflect a more brutish physique as Elvish Skoll show a more lithe form.

Magic: It depends on the particular Skoll, however all persons are privvy to natural or druid magic.

Culture: Skoll are a passive people that have a love for nature, beasts, and natural magic. (I'll add more here eventually)

History: The Skolls are a race of hybrid creatures that are evolved from orcs and elves. Due to a severe amount of breeding with orcs and humans and elves (bless their souls) over the course of centuries, the Skoll species was developed. They existed in the northern realms for many generations before orcish territory expanded into their designated land. Originally, Skoll are a peaceful people despite their intimidating stature and were not up to task to defend their homeland from invaders. Most of the Skoll population has been destroyed but many still fled to safer regions, hoping to eventually reconvene with their own kind to take back their home.

Weaknesses: Skoll are a new people and have been mostly isolated for many generations. They are ignorant to other cultures and modern technology. Skoll are animal people and hate seeing mistreatment. They are also easy to anger and, despite being more passive than their orc ancestors, are more violent than their elven ones. The Skoll are not keen on hot climates and aren't very strong swimmers.

Habitat: Can survive anywhere with a temperant climate, but prefers the cold.

Natural or Supernatural: Natural

Diet: Omnivorous, favor meat and vegetables

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