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Names: Demon, Daemon, Daeva

Base Description: a creature from the Void that has never had a mortal soul

Variations: class systems, lower and higher level demons,

Magic: (Y/N) yes

Culture: none

History: Demons are created through one of two ways. 1) they are manifested accidentally through traumatic events or 2) they are manifested through great mortal sacrifice via a coven or cult or etc. After living in the mortal realm, demons are then turned to the Void, which is the supernatural realm of the underworld. There they survive until they are called back to the mortal realm and the system repeats itself. The Void is not a friendly place for anyone. The more a demon lives and gains power (via chaos, violence, experience, devotion, depending on the variation of demon), the more powerful and comfortable they are in the Void. Demons are naturally drawn toward violence and chaos. They can regenerate their mortal bodies and need to maintain their focus through consuming the flesh of mortal beings, whether that be through rodent or elf. The older or more experienced the demon, the more control they have over their mortal existence.

Strengths: All demons have a demon form and mortal form.


Habitat: Varies

Natural or Supernatural: Supernatural

Diet: Demons can eat anything for fun but need to eat mortal flesh for life, the more raw, the better.

Other Information:

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