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Names: Human, Homosapien, Man, Woman
Base Description: Humans are a bipedal race of fleshy creatures with tufts of hair on their head. They range in height from 4ft to 7ft. 
Variations: Multiple color variations on most features. 
Magic: (Y)
Culture: Humans are some of the most travelled and far reaching of the races. They are some of the most populous as well. Known for having fears of other creatures and races outside of their own, they are quick to make towns devoid of external influences. They are hightly traditional people, and have occupations that span all walks of life. They are the prominent people in Shayz'renth, holding most of the power and gold in the nation, but also some of the most domineering of the groups. Their influence and spread over the last millinnium has marked them as a violent and tenacious breed. They are also widely known for their creativity, and love for building and maintaining many of the structures of the cities. 
History: Human's history spans as far as the lands. They were brought here by boats after their last home was struck by a deep cold. This was millinnia ago, and they have since colonized the entirety of the continent. They are constantly at war, and making treaties. Building and destroying. Humankind is as predictable as the seasons. 
Strengths: Endurance, high intellect, population
Weaknesses: Fragility, short life span
Habitat: Highly adaptive to live in most climates 
Natural or Supernatural: Natural
Diet: Omnivorous 
Other Information: You are one.
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