The Rules

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The Rules

Rules of Engagement!
- Before a new character can be played, they must be approved by a moderator. You can have multiple characters for one Shayz'renth account

- Do not take control of another player's character actively or passively unless expressly given permission to. For example: "She threw a punch at him", not "She hit him in the face"

- Be mindful of the lore of the species. Make sure to follow the weaknesses and strengths Shayz'renth has for your character's species

- The technology in this setting is Renaissance-esque so keep your technology realm close to this time period within reason

- This is a Mature rated game, and there is going to be explicitly sexual content. However, do not have underage characters perform sexual acts.

- Don't overload yourself with threads. Only take on as many as you can update. We recommend at least one post per thread you have per day.

- Always ask before jumping into a thread unless the title has the keyword (Open)

- Use full sentence structure when posting. No chatspeak allowed!

- While there are no word count minimums for posts, we would ask to give at least 5 sentences to post for your RP partner's sake. It's hard to have a one-sided thread

- In Group threads, it is polite not to skip a person's turn to post without first asking permission

- Have Fun!