Xala Raal

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Xala Raal

``Name: Xala Raal

``Nickname(s): none

``Age: 18

``Gender(s): femme

``Species: demon, cobra

``Magic? (Y/N): YES. Shadow, natural venom, demonic strength and agility

``Home Country: Kolshtak

``Sexual Orientation: meh


``What does the Character look like?;; Xala is lean and muscular, built from training. Her hair is the color of sand and her skin is bronzed and tan. Her eyes are a pale yellow-ish green that reflect light in the darkness. She wears the apprentice assassin wardrobe of all white and has to deep clean the clothing all the FREAKING TIME.

Personality ``

Likes;; Chocolate, animals, meat, chaos, mead, candlelight, blood, success, basking in sunlight, darkness, hunting, studying history, window shopping, solitude

Dislikes;; Shoes, being corrected, being graded, being wrong in any regard, being challenged, interacting with people, demon stereotypes even when they are right, the cold, mud, climbing and heights

Strengths;; Natural venom, stealth, assassin training, regeneration when consuming mortal flesh, can communicate with other creatures from the Void with some difficulty, demonic form—not available yet

Weaknesses;; impulse around chaos, pridefulness, magic of any kind (especially ice and holy), holy artifacts and traps, can’t cross running water, short fuse, needs to consume mortal flesh to maintain control (like vampire, but fleshier), especially as a young demon

Fears;; being killed too soon, going to the Void, other demons, holy warriors, Shayd’s disapproval, weakness in her abilities

Secrets;; loves eavesdropping, her species identity, wants friends

Personality;; Xala is trapped in an internal turmoil of wanting to live out her mortal existence and trying to build power as a demon. Her training as an assassin is at constant odds with her desire to be a chaotic monster. She is impulsive and can be mean, but tries to isolate her more natural demonic desires in an attempt to better understand herself and her future in the mortal realm. Xala has a lot to prove and strives to do so in a more positive way than her species might suggest. You know...by...killing people? Wait...

History;; Xala killed and ate a classmate at the guild in Kolshtak and was sentenced to death at a young age. Instead, she was taken under wing by Shayd as a second chance to prove herself worthy of existence. She was created from a ritual undertaken by a cult village desperate for guidance and protection. Upon mass sacrifice and sorrow, Xala was manifested in an infant that was surrendered to the assassin’s guild for upbringing. She is a new demonic entity that has yet to experience the Void.

Anything else you'd like to add;; none for now